Madonna - yay or nay?

@Snooze (610)
United States
August 20, 2006 10:25pm CST
I'd have to say nay - pretending she's on a cross during her concerts, that goes way behind the line for me...what do you think, and why?
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12 Oct 06
yay--stop acting so offended by her on the cross--if that would upset you then DONT GO to the concert--as simple as that---i saw the concert this summer and i am catholic and i wasnt offended in any way. no one ever mentions the fact that while she was singing the song "Live To Tell" there were pictures of african orphans on the screens behind her and messages from the bible also and information on how to help the children orphaned from aids in africa--if she decided to get on a cross to get her message through to people then that is her decision--you dont have to watch it--if it got atleast 2 people who saw it to donate to the charity then it worked i guess. and finally--if everything she does is so boring and blasphemous and insulting, then why are you even talking about her-obviously she got the result she was looking for--people still talking about her after 23 years of performing--i think that is an accomplishment in itself.
@swolecat (1278)
• United States
27 Aug 06
2 years ago she threw a pie in my face. I have lost all respect for her now
• United States
27 Aug 06
How come no one has literally said yay or nay? Ok well i'm sayin nay
• United States
27 Aug 06
I prefer early-'80s Madonna. The cross thing is fine; many people were crucified in ancient times, not just one.
@pisshole (493)
• New Zealand
21 Aug 06
Yeah she should be like, totally locked up for that. How dare she use Christianity's sacred symbol for commercial gain. Shame on her. There should be a law against it.