Reality show accused of paralysing girl!!

@pitstop (7207)
June 29, 2008 10:10pm CST Thats where the article is. The news and media have been portraying it as though the girl got paralysed after being scolded by a judge in a TV show! The truth is she has a disease - either a viral infection of her brain or a nerve disease affecting her brain. This is in no way related to the reality show. Its rather sd that the media (as usual) are spicing it up and saying - GIRL PARALYSED BECAUSE OF REALITY TV SHOW! This is not the truth at all. I wish the media and TV would use the right opportunities to show issues - not just misinterpret and misinform the public about such issues. This incident took place in India.
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• Mumbai, India
6 Nov 15
Absolutely! The article says the Psychiatrist couldn't diagnose what happened to the girl. Media should be ashamed of monetizing such issues in this way.