What Are You Gonna Do When The TVs Go Black Next Year?

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June 29, 2008 11:03pm CST
Is that a bad way to say it? Sorry about that. Now what is all the fuss about? Everybody have to have some form of cable or buy a TV converter to get any channels. I don't know why or whats up, but I got my cable going on, how bout you? I love me some TV, don't take my TV, or "it will be a misunderstanding". Oops, who turned out the lights? Do anyone know why they're picking on people who only have basic TV? Talk to me.
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11 Jul 08
i was told the reason and i cant remember what it was now.. but i know if you have comcast cable you wont even need it so i think they are just misleading and causing a stir to sell the heck out of the converters
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18 Sep 08
thanks for the br.. although i wish you had gotten many more responses to where the choice would have been more difficult and your discussion more successful..