How can you handle a very hyperactive nephew that would not even listen to you??

June 30, 2008 1:18am CST
see, i have a nephew...he's 5 and he's already going to school...the problem is ...everytime he wants something and you will not let him have it, he will shout and make other crazy stuff to annoy me...sometimes he would also throw things to me...or will pretend that he doesn't hears really irritates me...i would always end up crying because of him...=(
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@kissie34 (2296)
• Philippines
8 Jul 08
Yes,I also experience that kind of situation... I have a niece who is already 6 (she had her birthday last June 25).. Actually, she is a spoiled girl.. All the things that she wants, her mother gave it and also her grandparents... When every time she wants something it must gave it to her or else she will freak.. She will make unnecessary noise that would really irritate you and make your head ache.. Sometimes if I am very irritated and mad at her I will scold her attention and give her some punishment like she can't watch cartoons or play outside.. The child really need some discipline.. The more she is getting older the more her attitude and behavior worst..
@myahw20 (1116)
• Canada
6 Jul 08
That sounds like one of my cousins. He is very hard headed but try reverse psychology, it might work! hehe
• Nigeria
4 Jul 08
if the boy's health is in no way affected, i think there's no cause for alarm. I advise that you play ball with him sometimes, nevertheless introduce corrective measures in handling him, while he can still be reformed. But basically, if his health is not affected,leave him to cry his eyes out. He'll soon get used to it.
@bea_29 (321)
• Philippines
30 Jun 08
pre schoolers really love to have their independence and prone to tantrums. if he wants something give him a choice or an alternative for what he wants, by this you give him the freedom to choose that makes him practice his independence..... and also you will gain his trust.
• Singapore
30 Jun 08
You should ignore him as well. You got to show him whose the boss. Just ignore him and let him be. If he annoys you just walk away. If he touches and meddles with your things, try to keep it away from him and continue to ignore him. Hopefully , he will run of energy and would back off.