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June 30, 2008 5:13am CST
My son (4) has very bad asthma when it is hot - he really seriously wheezes. I think it is pollen related as he is only like this when it is hot and the pollen count is high. Has anyone else been through this with their kids? DOes it get easier to manage with time?
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24 Oct 09
My 4 year old son was diagonosed with Asthma when he was 1 year old. The day after his 1st birthday my soon had what seemed to have a bad cold after going to a family members house that had a cat he seemed to get very sick. We took him to the ER and they started him on OT and gavin him Albuterol treatments. He was then tested for allergies and found that he did have seasonal allergies, cat and food. He was found that he had Asthma. We then had a steroid on had to give when you started having problems breathing along with albuteral. He was also put on 2 prevention meds. Since this he has seemed to gradually get better. He has gone from twice a day on his prevention med to once a day. It does get easier and you know the signs of what needs to be done when they do start to have problems. Good luck to you!
@kblakley (248)
• United States
30 Jun 08
I know what your going through also, I have a step-daughter that is now 12, but was diagnosed with Chronic asthma at age 6 months. Her story is somewhat a different situation...her lungs were under developed due to her birth mother's neglect. However, winter was her bad season, the cold air triggered her attacks and she was so miserable for the season and holidays. She at one time was using a nebulizer 2 times a day or more. She also has allergies, which where I live you're lucky if you don't, but her's are seasonal allergies. We went through all the dr/specialist to try to get it under control and nothing seemed to work until the dr put her on singular and we moved her bedroom to a room that was smaller (easier to dust and vacuum regularly). Needless to say this past year has been great for her. She hasn't used her inhaler in almost a year. Once you find the triggers and gain control of the situation it is curable so to speak. Allergies of some kind are usually the trigger, along with just changes in the air they are breathing, such as smoke, pollen, dirt/dust, pets, and for some like my sister just the change in the air when it's going to rain. Sometimes keeping them from these triggers can be very difficult or even impossible, we have family member's homes that we still don't visit because it triggers her asthma, they are either not good housekeepers, they have pets, or they smoke. So most of our family get togethers are here at our home. Good Luck to you and know there is relief when you find those triggers and get them controled, but it could take some time, it took us 11 years.
@awapak (1277)
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30 Jun 08
Please donot worry.Asthma is curable in Homoeopathy.Please get R-43 Herbamine drops of Dr Reckeweg (Germany)and give him 5 drops in some water three times a day.You can also add Natrum Mur-200 and give 4drops in water once daily for this allergy.Both are Homoeopathic medicines,having no side effects.Donot worry I am a Homoeopathic Dr.Please get back to me after using these medicines.These medicines should be given when stomach is empty.Please relax and enjoy.........