Planning to have a blog.. Any one here.... to clear these doubts.

June 30, 2008 5:26am CST
Well, thanks for checking in.. Some months back.. i did had two blogs one for ptc and other for poems.. both under One of my online friend here.. did get those blogs in and added the adsense codes to those blogs. The problem is, i deleted the blog on ptc, and the other one got stale.. Now i wish to create another blog.. and want to monetize it.. Clarifications 1) what is best platform.. i mean.. blogger or wordpress or some thing like that where i could have an attractive blog, of course i want now to be in free domain and under free hosting.. 2) Secondly and importantly.. can i again sign with the same mail id, and with the same ip address to adsense for a new blog that i am creating now 3) Is it necessary to have a paid domain to earn from blogs.. 4) Lastly suggest me few simple ways to monetize it.. Thanks to all who shared their views. Cheers.
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