what gift would you like to receive on your birthday?

June 30, 2008 6:07am CST
if anyone out there is so generous... i would be glad to receive a laptop or a digicam on my birthday. my birthday would be on the first of october...lol..just joking.But it would really be nice if one of my friends would give me what i want on my birthday. How about you?
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@calajane (1005)
• Poland
30 Jun 08
I was lucky enough to receive a laptop from a friend and it wasn't even my birthday. But I was really really happy. I love getting gifts but to be honest I find gift certificates and gift cards far more reasonable as I can save them up and then buy myself one big pretty gift instead of getting lots of small ones :)
@mentalward (14695)
• United States
30 Jun 08
It is always nice to receive something that you really want for your birthday. I always ask my family and friends to tell me some things that they would really like to get. I want a lot of suggestions from each one, so they don't know exactly what they will get and it will be a little bit of a surprise. It's better to give presents that someone needs rather than something they might just like or something they really can't "use", like a vase or statue or something, unless they really want one. My best friend has had some really serious health issues for the past few years. She had pancreatitis, so she now has diabetes from that, plus she had 3 strokes last year. Her health is not good, and she had to cut back from full time work to part time. This hurt her family financially. I was in a position then where I could give her money, and I gave her $1,000.00 both to cheer her up and because she really needed it. I was so happy to see her so happy! I have everything I could possibly want right now, so I'd probably choose something that, unfortunately, will never happen. I'd want to "receive" the gift of ending suffering in the world. Too many people are suffering right now for one reason or another, and it hurts me. Yeah, that's what I'd want... no more suffering. Everyone would have plenty to eat, great jobs, no more wars, wonderful families, and good health. But that's just a dream... at least for now it is. Sigh!
• Nepal
30 Jun 08
a huge cake that should be in the chocolate ok be sure that's only for me .