Hip and Joint Problems after giving Birth?

June 30, 2008 2:46pm CST
Do you have problems with your hips and joints after giving birth? I did - it was horrible! After a perfectly normal pregnancy and birth I spent the next 10 months in chronic pain and was generally uncomfortable. I was battling to walk upstairs and if I spent too long sitting on the sofa when I stood I would have to wait for my hip joints to loosen up before walking. Very painful and uncomfortable. I saw everyone from physio's to Osteopaths. I even thought perhaps it was the onset of arthritis. They all told me to do exercises and not to worry, it was just the relaxin leaving my body - 10 months later! Finally nearly 10 months later I saw a Chropractor who took one look at me and told me that my pelvis was misaligned. It didn't take him long to get it sorted out, but because it had been out for so long it took a while before the fix held. After that I was much better until I fell pregnant again - twins this time around! Straight away the hips started playing me up and I ended up with a nasty hip condition which can result in you spending most of your time on crutches or in extreme cases in a wheelchair. I was lucky - I had an aupair who took over everything and wouldn't let me do ANYTHING! I mean ANYTHING! In the end all turned out alright and after a few more sessions with a chiroprator post birth my hips are 90% normal today (thank goodness)... but I do wonder what will happen when we have to live in a house with stairs??? Do you have similar problems with your hips after giving birth? What was your experience with regards your hips/joints? Violetdreams