you decide.. which is right for you`?

June 30, 2008 4:06pm CST
if you are pregnant then later you have known that the baby inside your womb has a disabilities or disorders (down syndrome, autism, and the likes) which will require special attention even he/she is old, would you abort him/her or give him/her a chance to live? if you would give him/her a chance to live, who would take care of him/her when you are old or when you die? would you ever consider that if he/she will live, he/she will not have a normal life like everybody has? he/she will be teased by people, or laughed by people or will be pity by others. if you will abort the baby, would you not be so bad killing your own flesh and blood and not giving him/her the chance to live and see the world`?
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1 Jul 08
i was in the same situation with my first son, the test results of an amniocentesis test came back wrong and they sid my baby had a 98% chance of having down syndrome, my heart broke. i felt like it was my fault and i had did something wrong. and i had grown so attached to the baby and the thought of having to give him up was killing me. but i knew that i loved him more than life itself and i am he and he is me so i just said i would have to deal with it and make the best of it. later i found out the results were wrong and i felt better. it is your choice and only you can decide what is bes for you and your baby. but i hope you figure it out. good luck.
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30 Jun 08
I personally plan to avoid this issue entirely by way of not ever getting pregnant (if I can help it). I know that regardless of the child's condition I would not be a very good mother to him or her... this would especially be the case with a child who needed special care. I would most likely abort the child if it required special attention all of its life; I would not subject him or her, or the future parents (because I would put them up for adoption) to such hardships.