What to do when you have 'friends' like this??

United States
June 30, 2008 5:58pm CST
I have a friend that says shes true. but we all have mutal friends. and every now and again we speak and they always tell me she talks bad about me. She also does the same with me about them. and if we are all together the fakness just pours through. My husband helped her move the other day, because she lent me a hand a month before. and she didnt even say thank you, infact she complained that they were messing things up. I would have just left and let her doo it herself but he has a good heart and felt bad because her moms on oxygen and wouldnt want her to lift a hand helping. But saturday she came to my daughters 1st bday party and got her lots of cute things. Then told another friend that nobody was talking to her, but the fact is we were all talking to her. So my question is how do i tell this person she has issues and if she cant act normal and be real, i dont want to bother with her. ???
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