Getting carded for weird things...

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June 30, 2008 9:39pm CST
Ok, so I didn't know exactly what category to start this topic in, so I decided on People. I was wondering, what kind of things, if any had you been asked to see an ID? Today my mom had me run in a little store and get us drinks and get her some lottery tickets. Well, when I was going to ask for them the girl behind the counter asked for ID, I just had to tell her I didn't have it on me, and I left, because I really didn't--I rarely have it on my unless I'm going to be buying alcohol. So anyway, my mom ended up going in a getting her lottery tickets. She said the girl thought I was like way under 18, and the thing is.. I'm 25! LOL I mean, I know I look younger than 25, but this is honestly a first. I have gotten in casino's without being carded, 1 time I even bought alcohol without being carded--although that was the exception, I'm usually always carded for that and I don't smoke, but I am carded when I buy my mom cigarettes usually, and I understand that. But a lottery ticket? I was honestly shocked. So, I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and also.. what other items have you been carded for? I have heard that they sometimes are asking for ID to buy laxatives and my dad--who is 58, gets carded sometimes for vitamins and nutritional supplements. Anyway, just wondering what others thought. Also, I happened to wonder if I had been wearing make-up like I am in my profile picture if I would have looked more my age, because that's all I can figure. When I was like 16 some lady in a store made a comment about my buying black lipstick because "I looked like I couldn't be much older than 10 or 11" or something along those lines. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to complain about being told I look younger than I am, I just find it really weird sometimes. LOL
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1 Jul 08
I never got carded when I was your age or younger. But I did always look super young and it was kind of creepy when guys would hit on me. I guess they thought that I was 18, though I was well into my 20's! But it was sort of flattering cause they thought I looked young! I wish for those days!