Do u switch off your mobile at night ?

@leo2727 (138)
July 1, 2008 1:14am CST
My husbanh always switches off his mobile before he goes to sleep hehe does not want to be distrubed by official calls i rarely switch it off.
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@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
7 Jul 08
no i dont switch off my mobile. for i may have an emergency calls.
• India
1 Jul 08
I always do that as i dont want any disturbance while i am sleeping. Also i never like to bring work at home.
@thuynhu (663)
• United States
1 Jul 08
I don't switch off my mobile phone because I have friends from all over. I have some that have deployed over to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and other places, even some in Korea. And they call at different time since the time zone are quite different. I don't want to miss their calls. I enjoy talking to them because its always a while before it happens, so I don't want to miss the change I get to talk.
• United States
1 Jul 08
I would love to turn mine off at night. I actually use mine as my alarm clock. It can be annoying if someone is drunk dialing me late at night. Most of my friends have enough sense not to do that though. I find my phone to be better than an alarm clock because it won't go out if the electricity flashes. I never forget to set it either because I always throw it on the charger while I sleep.