How much have you lost in an online casino?

@whilyn (75)
July 1, 2008 1:57am CST
I was desperate to earn some money so my sister can make a late enrollment. So I decided to gamble. I lost my $100. Now I am desperately trying to cover it up from paid to click, paid surveys, whatever paid anything online. I'll just stick with the safer way of earning money.
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@ruby222 (4848)
19 Jul 08
I can see how you could be lured into thinking that it would work,but ive never been into a casino,or really wanted to.Hubby loves a gamble ,but I need to know exactly where my money is and how much I have in my purse.A friend of ours from years ago ,her hubby is a gambling freak!and he used to go to the casinos ,but it used to make her terribly nervous as she knew that he would gamble heavily,and that a considerable amount of money could be lost en route.But I think the internet has a massive draw where gamblin gis concerned,every time you use the internet you see bingo,poker,cards,you name it you see it!!!and im not too sure that its a very good idea!I am sorry you have been hurt by the gambling and I wish you luck in trying to recover your money in a sensible way.