'Politics' - Is there a better way?

July 1, 2008 8:43am CST
Oh Politics..! Every day, more and more, the word is becoming synonymous with dark deeds behind closed doors, lax morals, depressing legislation, and a general inability for anyone to agree long enough to halt the demise of our planet. What is your view on the chaotic global daily collision of nonsense that we unaffectionately term 'politics'. I'm not looking for political views. I'm looking for your overview of the POWER-GAME. IS it a game, with us as playing pieces? Is it working? Is it neccessary? 'Politics', the art of spin, the manipulation of statistics, the diplomacy of half-truths - Could these things ever be transcended, and replaced with honesty, goodwill and clear intention to save everybody on this old rock before it implodes?
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