What was the most pathetic moment that you had in any Onimusha game?

@SaviourV (258)
July 1, 2008 11:54am CST
Saviour-V teleports in... Just starting the ball rolling for this subject. Some days, you get really lucky, but on some days, you kind of mess up your game quite badly. And then, of course, there are moments that make you feel like hurling the PS2 controller at the TV. One such case happened last Sunday night, during my recent run of Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams. All my characters were Level 100, but only Soki, Ohatsu, and Tenkai had managed to complete the Dark Realm. So, I decide to take on the Dark Realm with Roberto, as I did several months ago, until my brother borrowed my PS2. And in a classic show of irony, I managed to survive 99 of the 100 floors, but I ended up getting slaughtered by the final set of enemies on floor #100. The Dark Genma General's special attack is a nasty HP, MP, and OP drainer. Even after going into Oni Awakening, I still got killed by that attack. That was enough to make me give up on playing for the rest of the night. Got up quite late the next morning, too. Having said that, does anyone have any similar scenarios? Saviour-V teleports out...
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