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July 1, 2008 12:04pm CST
ok, im sorry if someone has done this before but I've just went to see radiohead at the glasgow green for the in rainbows tour. I love radiohead and find that most of their fans are FANS. So I was just wondering out of interest, what's everyones favourite song off in rainbows? did they play this live when / if you went to see them and if so how was it? I really really like the in rainbows album and thought they played the tracks amazingly well live. any other thots?
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11 Nov 08
i was really happy to hear bangers and mash at manchester LCCC probs my highlight. tbh it didnt really compare to when i saw them off the back of thoms album as that was a small venue but it was just as good musically. my mate helped rig the lights for the in rainbows tour
@jess_ica (11)
• United States
31 Aug 08
I just got back from my mini Radiohead tour and I re-fell in love with the band all over again. This tour consisted of shows 22-25 for me since 1995. I went to two shows in Los Angeles, one in San Diego, and one in Santa Barbara... all in California. This tour was amazingly well produced... possibly the best produced tour I've seen by them. The lighting, the setlists, and everything was just perfect. It was a perfect mix of old and new material (although I could always do with a little more from The Bends...) and the lighting and video was just amazing. They take every detail into account and I love them for that. My favorite song off of In Rainbows is probably "Reckoner". "4 Minute Warning" might beat "Reckoner" if Disc 2 counts. I didn't see "4 Minute Warning" unfortunately, but I did see "Reckoner" four times and it was brilliant every time.