Witches? What path do you follow?

United States
July 1, 2008 12:11pm CST
Do you belong to a coven or are you a solitary? What path did you choose or did your path choose you? Me, well I'm a loner and pretty eclectic. I never was one to follow the path of others so I pick and choose what I need when I need it. I didn't hear about Wicca until I was in my late teens and by then I wasn't interested in learning that path, but have over the years used it to teach myself certain pieces of information that I had been really lacking in. I still don't adhere to most of it but a few bits here and there have come in handy so I don't totally knock it, although sometimes it sounds that way. Sometimes that is a bad thing and sometimes it is good. I can be pretty self-centered at times in my opinions because all my life I only had me to rely on. The area that I live in isn't exactly true witch friendly so openly discussing it really wasn't an option, esp., as a child. I have always been a witch, I suppose I was born a witch because I have always known that was my path so it wasn't a choice for me. I believe my aunt was a witch also but the one time I got anywhere close to her my mother completely freaked and grounded me to my room - opps. For those who choose this path, why? It isn't exactly one of the easier paths to walk on.
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