Altering the genetic code.

United States
July 1, 2008 3:04pm CST
I've heard many rumors about altering your genes. The color of your skin, eyes, reshaping your body without surgery... but is any of it true? Can any of that really be done? Is the government working on some project with genetically mutated people? Are they enhancing their bodies? Making themselves stronger? Nearly invincible? I know that sounds crazy, but what if they are? Also, I've heard about a computer chip that, when instered into a certain portion of the brain, that person can be controlled remotely. Another dumb thing to bring up, but I want to know if it's true. Finally, I've heard that scientists have raised a dog from the dead. It's been dead for awhile, not to the point that it began rotting, but dead long enough to make people think it's gone. They brought it back, and it's not the same. It wasn't the friendly loving dog it used to be, it had mental problems. It was a little vicious, it walked funny, it couldn't even see good. It kept walking into things, mainly walls. Is this considered a zombie? Does it have a new soul? Is this dog no longer the dog that was raised up to be? Has it become a savage beast? Will it kill? Are scientists still trying this procedure on other animals? Are we all going to die by zombie animals?! LOL.
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