I am absolutely amazed by Obama! how shamelessly he can flip/flop,pander for vot

@bond0077 (375)
July 2, 2008 12:33am CST
Obama is not even finished his rookie first term as a senator yet he has racked up quite a resume as a man who can shamelessly flip/flop or pander for support,he came out swinging(get it?)Swinging at Hillary accusing her of being the third term BUSH,a racist,now he is calling her,begging her for her 50% older women voters he can't possibly get!he had his people called bill clinton a racist just so he could make it look like he was against it,now he is again back peddling dropping his shame,to call the same guy he said was more of the same,the same guy whose wife he dissed and is now courting Bill Clinton himself,telling bill how he alway admired him for his successes during his presidency,yet where was this during his attacks on Bill or Hillary during the primary campaign?First he sat and listened to a black racist preacher preached hate filled racist remarks against white Americans,yet he did'nt find any of it offensive until he realised it could stand in the way of him becoming president,flip/floping obama !then he dropped his old friend like a hot potato,which i have to ask the question where is your loyality obama?he told a power group representing israel he will never negotiate with terrorists,including hamas,yet a while ago he told palestinians who were enraged by his statements,that he is for the palestinians in the peace process with israel,which side are you flipper?is really the man you want to be president?
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