How often do you clean the dust in your home?

A clean room - Picture of a clean and neat room
@smilyn (2964)
United States
July 2, 2008 1:04am CST
I love to keep my home very clean.That too since I have a small kid, I'm so particular about cleanliness. So I would be cleaning my entire home very often either with a vacuum cleaner or manually. I like to rearrange the furnitures, keep the shelves neat.You may neat the rooms daily. Bt how often do you dust your home and tidy it up.
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@Chispa514 (871)
• Montreal, Quebec
2 Jul 08
I try to do the dusting every 2-3 days, but because of my poor health, I get sick alot, and weak too, so sometimes I only get to do the dusting once or twice a week. Me too I re-arrange my furniture alot.
• Philippines
2 Jul 08
I like to keep my room clean too. But, being a bachelor, I am sure my room is not as clean as yours. I hired a helper to take care of my dog and do a bit of household chores. She cleans up my room everyday with the exception of the papers that I usually bring home from work and from school.