do u have any suggestion to me? help me!!!

July 2, 2008 4:34am CST
I have a plan to climbing mountain .I've prepare it for 1 year ,I found a group that climb this mountain and I can join with them to go .But yesterday ,when I said about my trip ,my parent didn't allow me to go.They tell me that I have no experience and it may harm me .I talk about my effort ,I've been doing exercise every morning to improve my health for 1 year ,prepare anything for my trip .But all I get from them is not.They think stay at home is my best choice.I really feel disappoited .It's my dream and effort ,I don't want it go away for any stupid reason . I don't like my summer holliday end like this way .For 5 years ,what I do in summer is watch TV and sleep ,and now ,I want to do anything different . So can u help me? Can u suggest me any solution to persuade my parent? The climbing group will start in next 3 days and I really don't want to miss this. Help me ,plz????
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