should i take a part time job or not? any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
July 2, 2008 8:07am CST
should i takea part time job or not? this year is my tird year in the university time since i entered college i always take a part time job making money i snot my frist purpose but gaining more experiences i do like it but now i jave a problem my clllllllllng more and more \but now here is a wonderful chance for me to take another part time jobif you can deal with the relativionship betwen the major you learn and part time job well i think it is beteer to take it taking a part time job is very iportant for you to accumulate more actual work experience but you should major study and part time job study should be the and i am sure i can learn more from ittry hard o get more experience at the asame time undoubtidely it muct be some influences oo should i take it my friends? in my opinion major study is very important if iyou wanna find a job relevant to your amj coin has two sides study should be the forundation in your future work and ecperience from part time job wil be the extra advantage for your job application my idea is to keep your study at a average level ad or you can say it has three sides do not over do not thing keep a balance between your study and your partime job
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2 Jul 08
I also have part time job when I was in college because my parents cannot sustain my studies. It was also fine with me to gain experiences and for me to become independent at the age of 17. I'm just thankful because I finished my college as easy as that despite my financial problems. About your question, you must prioritize your studies because it is your foundation on your career. Part time jobs are always there, you can find it anytime and anywhere. Spend more time on your studies, because it will not also help you in the future but as well as your family.