Boobs or Butts?

July 2, 2008 4:17pm CST
Which do you prefer, big boobs or butts? I am mesmerized with girl with big boobs. Your thoughts...
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@sisco100 (2345)
• United States
9 Aug 08
for me its the butt, now a days women are getting impants in their boobs to make them bigger. i like a woman whos all natural. the butt is one thing tht most women really dont think of making it bigger or change with implants. i dont know wht it is about a females butt there just something about it tht i find so hot, and its even hotter when they wear tight jeans, and bend over. for me the first thing tht i look on a girl is her butt, she got to have a nice butt or i'm not really interested in her for a relationship.
• Philippines
11 Aug 08
You have a point there. Very seldom that women will have their butts implant. Thanks for the response. Have a good day!
@lrglara (1347)
• Philippines
22 Jul 08
i would say boobies. i don't know but i always am dumbfounded when i see women with big boobs! as in!
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
19 Jul 08
I would prefer both to be just ample in size.. I mean, too big is already somehow weird.. small ones are alright too.. anyway, they're just bonuses if the lady already has that nice personality that you can get along with
@kbjunior15 (1309)
• United States
16 Jul 08
Me, always been a boob guy. It was funny, when I was dating my wife, my niece (5 or 6 at the time) told her that I would keep her for a while because she had big boobs like my other girlfriends:)
• Philippines
16 Jul 08
i prefer girls with great butts, they look so sexy with it like jeniffer lopez, shakira, and beyonce.
• India
12 Jul 08
i think if you see a girl from the front, then boobs come as a parameter. but suppose you are in a crowded bus or daily passenger train and it is from behind, then it is butts. once i managed to stand near a big woman in a train and managed to touch her butts about 6-7 times. those spongy things were simply amazing. so i go with butts./ hers were probably 40c. imagine and oohhh.... bye and happy my lotting.
@sirfsuraz (468)
• Nepal
3 Jul 08
i prefer medium sized boobs which fits in my hand...............
@toddsarm (766)
• Canada
3 Jul 08
I love big boobs