A birdie aeroplane

A birdie aeroplane - The aeroplane here flies like a bird flapping its wings. You can see the flapping of the wings of an aeroplane, which normally an aeroplane never does. This is why I call it birdie aeroplane. Hope you like it and also let me have your comments to encourage me to send you many more pictures, which I am sure would interest you. Keep visiting.
July 2, 2008 11:10pm CST
Has anybody seen an aeroplane flap its wings like a bird and fly. I am sure not. Well, I would like to put an image of a birdie aeroplane for you all to watch and also check out for my other discussions, where I shall upload an image of an aeroplane making its way between two sky scrapers. Really wonderful. I hope you enjoy them. I have a lot of more images which I am sure all would love to see. Keep visiting my discussions and don't forget to leave comments to encourage me to keep sending lovely funny pictures to you. Enjoy.
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