my hal love's pringles!

July 3, 2008 4:46am CST
my hal "mahal" filipino for "love" that's what i call my girlfriend..she loves to eat pringles even if it's but for her because she has UTI(urinary tract infection..salty foods are not recomended for her to eat much because it can cause her UTI worse..just want to tell something about it..hehehe
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3 Jul 08
Pringles are just "ok" in my book, i do like how they are not greasy and they are always light and crispy. but they never seem to have enough flavor on them. if your hal gets frequent UTI's she should start drinking cranberry juice a couple times a week, like with breakfast or something. cranberries are great for avoiding bladder infections and UTI's. i once got a UTI that started to move into my kidneys, ended up in the hospital attach to the stupid IV. the doctor told me that i would be more prone to getting infections because of how bad i let that one get. he also said to some cranberry juice couple times a week to help prevent the infections. that was 5 years ago, and ive only had 1 infection since then...when i was on vacation for 2 weeks and never drank the juice! so i stand by the cranberries loL!