what a day,,, navigation ei?

@jairgirl (2877)
United States
July 3, 2008 12:24pm CST
yesterday, i have cleaned our closet coz i am looking for our kite strings that is in one of our boxes from china. so i have moved everything and finally found 'em. it was an all day cleaning coz i have to take out some other stuff that i think will be useful for our 3 day trip tomorrow. anyway, so we went downtown to get some permits and he decided to go ahead and buy a navigation system so we can use it on our trip to DC. so we spend more than half hour talking to this salesman and finding the best one possible without going up higher than $350 . we bought a tomtom and when we got home he said he will checked it outside and see if it will work out right. it has a lot of flaws and shutdown on its own many times so he come sup and plug it in to charged it for hours. around 7pm we decided to go out and buy our fish and turtle some food and water so i can clean the tank before we leave for the trip (he bought an automatic feeder for them already) anyhow, we type in petsmart (3 miles away from home) but it says it couldnt find it so we just type in the gas station outside our apartment area. it finds it but it keep saying that we already arrived there when we are still inside the apartment area and the gas station is about 300 meters away - strange. another thing, we decided to eat in pizza hut coz he is craving for it so we searched for the nearest pizza hut and it finds it but it keeps giving us wrong direction. so my hubby is a bit frustrated already coz it is nothing but error. so on our way home, i type in our home address and it just freeze there and we have to force it to shutoff and when we reboot it it gives us the same error we had. so 8:35 pm we arrived home and he decided to return it coz it is useless anyway, we bought it for our trip and it is not working at all. the store is about 30 minutes away from home and we have to drive to the maximum speed limit to get there. when we arrived at the store there is another man who is returning his navigation system as well and mind you it is the same exact model we have and they are having some problems telling him that he can just picked a new one, he said ok i will go look, i think he decided to just have his money back like we do. im glad that it is not as horrible as best buy when you try to return something so we are happy about that, just the fact that the navigation is not working at all and my hubby told the manager that when he opened the box it looks like somebody had opened it already and the store boxed it again coz it has many finger prints on it and the other parts are no longer in place (like it should be in a separate plastic) strange ei? the manager didnt say anything about it. so we have our money back and we decided not to buy another one since we are thinking of buying a new car with navigation on it already. i just packed the map for our trip and i hope that will help us get by (fingers crossed haha) to make this a form of discussion, any one who have navigation system? what is the model and are you happy about it? thanks a lot. have a good one!
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