Great Photo-hosting AND a way to turn your digital photos into cash.

United States
July 3, 2008 7:58pm CST
So, if you haven't heard of yet, you might want to check it out. They're a content-driven site, and they provide an opportunity for you to earn a little bit of extra cash by submitting your writing, music, photography, and art. Triond, along with it's constituent photo-site,, allows your photos/text/music to earn a portion of their ad-revenue. It works out to a few cents, but it's a great way to let your old digital photos shine. Keep in mind that there is a user agreement, the ownership of the photos once added onto Triond is like a JOB, you may have to give up rights so that people can use the photos for stock photography or to promote their material. However, it's well worth the price - you're getting back something for photos that otherwise would have just sat on your computer. Here's a link to a beautiful picture I took of Chicago:
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