Do you pray God for his Grace or for any Personal Wish?????

July 4, 2008 2:28am CST
Yes this is the mistake many of us knowingly or unknowingly make. Did you ever do it this way like praying god for something you always wished and after getting it simply don't come near god and surrender that wish or not even saying a simple thanks to god. Let me tell you that God is really great. The main difference between god and man(humans) is this one "God gives and Forgives but man gets what he want and forgets what he got". You are all not this my friends i know this but i just want to setup a remainder. Share your views with me. Anyways Happy Mylotting.
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• China
4 Jul 08
oh my friend, i am the person you mentioned, should feel when ever i went to church, i feel guity and pay for forgiveness. thank you for posting the kind remainder.
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