Reaching the 100 milestone

July 4, 2008 3:29am CST
Today, I reached my 100 topics milestone since I became a member of this site 22 days ago. Admittedly, I enjoy the moments I spend right here and reaching the 100th mark is an accomplishment for me. Well, my personality is basically more of the observer type. Thus, I take more time reading myLot discussions rather than responding. Ironically, earlier today, I found out that what I consider as an accomplishment can be achieved by others here in even less than a day. I was really amazed at the fighting spirit of one particular person who aims to complete 500 posts in just one day. Now, I think that if I really want to make good income from my activities here on myLot, I might as well be more active in responding to discussions and learn more other stuffs relevant to getting higher earnings for my efforts. 1. How long have you been myLotting? 2. Do you log-on to myLot everyday? 3. How many hours per day do you usually spend here? 4. At an average, how many discussions do you normally start in a day? 5. How many topics do you respond to on a daily basis? 6. Do you set daily goals for yourself? 7. What is your average daily myLot earnings? 8. Do you refer people? 9. If you do, how many active referrals do you have? 10. Do you have other strategies for better earnings to share?
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