How do i earn more money from "myLot"??

July 4, 2008 5:05am CST
I'm new to myLot...I'm actually a little bit confused, that how myLot is paying ppl for their discussions?? If its true, tell me the best possible way to make more money from "myLot"... Thanks for u time Luv, Dannie
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@cavtel (186)
• Indonesia
7 Jul 08
welcome to mylot. this is a friendly discussion board, and it gives you extra money for everytime you post. it depends on how the quality you posted it. I'm sure everybody had explain about mylot and how it works. :) Welcome and good luck!
@suruchi86 (1873)
• India
5 Jul 08
Welcome to a great community site. Mylot is a great program,not only from earning point of view, but here you socialize with many people from across the globe, who share the similar interests as you are having. Here I think, the key is regularity. More regular you are in taking part in ongoing discussions or starting new discussions, more you will earn automatically. Second thing one should keep in mind that Mylot pays for your activity. So, as you put more discussions, posts an comments more you will get in return. Lastly,quality is the most important. Your posts should be of good quality, good length (at least 4 lines) and as per the guidelines of mylot. Another thing of course is, having few good and active referrals. But this I found, very difficult to get. So you may try your luck also.Maybe you could be luckier than me in getting referrals.
@mayka123 (12218)
• India
4 Jul 08
First of all a very warm welcome to you on mylot. I am sure you will enjoy yourself as much as I am enjoying myself here. Just read all discussions here any keep replying to all that you find interesting. You will get paid for posting these replies. Try to make as many friends as possible and automatically you will learn how to go ahead. Have a nice time and happy posting.
@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
4 Jul 08
Hi there! Earning money in mylot depends on your participation here. You earn by making a quality post or starting a discussion and respond to some of the discussions started by other members. You can also upload pictures relevant to your discussion. And along the way try to make some friends. Having friends would be helpful because they reply to your posts and you reply to their posts too. There will be interactions. We don't really know how much mylot pays for post or a responds we make. I suggest don't try to figure it out cause no one can. Just keep posting and enjoy your stay. Welcome and have fun mylotting!
@chirantani (1382)
• India
4 Jul 08
Hi!!! Welcome to mylot, friend. You might find yourself liking mylot more and more if you come regularly and take the time to look around and respond to posts. This is the easy part and the best part because it makes you see where others are at. Later you might want to start a new discussion on topics you feel strongly about and you might be pleasantly surprised at the responses you get. Hope you will be having a nice time here!