My niece had a naughty fight with her bus mate!!

July 4, 2008 8:41am CST
I had a niece who had a fight with her bus mate. She was so scared that her dad might scold her because she had lots of bruises. She is in Grade 1 and the youngest ( only 6 yrs old) among her classmates which age ranked from 7 - 8 years old. This bus mate of her whom she had a fight is in Grade two. We never taught the kids to fight with anybody, but was trying to defend herself. Whe she arrived home she was crying hard. Her dad,asked her to tell the whole things so as not to mess anything. And no one will be in hot water.
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@kwenge (2493)
• Kenya
4 Jul 08
Gosh! that was soo scary for that poor little girl. Having bruises means she was beaten up by that older girl. I think you should be gentle to her and tell her that everything will be alright. I know she is scared to travel again in the same bus with the other girl or even the friends because they are going to laugh at her or something. Tell her parents to go to that school and give the principal the whole story and advice them to make sure that there is someone responsible with the kids in the bus........there should be someone to take care of those kids in the bus.......someone to guide them. Am so sorry for her.
• Philippines
5 Jul 08
My sister in law already did talked to mother of the child as well with the school bus driver's assisstant and her teacher. Everything was settled down in a nice way. The other child was opted to transfer to another school bus since mojority of the kids parents said, that if they still include this bully child they will pull out their kids on the service. The same decision done by the school admi. since its their school service itself. My niece is okey. For her, past is past. They are no longer with the same bus now.