July 4, 2008 9:49am CST
Grains, fruits, sugar and vegetables which is grown on the very earth we stand has been blessed by Almighty God for his living things but what is our democrat government doing holding the hand of the big daddy International Market Index and keep on increasing the prices of these products daily. What the hell, the soil,water, sunlight, and rain is the same no price change but then why tax the human beings and the animals which depend on grains deprive them of. Sometime you have to admire the fruits on the store shelf but cant buy. I think all the government heads should stop the price increase and bring it as low as 15 years back. This increase in food price the laws will broken people will break into your house not to rob but to eat some food because hunger makes you such an angry person you will do anything until you get some food. Mylot if you have influence bring this change in all parts of the world before it becomes a jungle with hungry people.
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