what do you do to deal with and/or forget the pain?

@iamnes (325)
July 4, 2008 5:23pm CST
you wouldn't feel that much hurt/pain about what the other person's comment or action if he/she doesn't matter that much to you... his/her slightest reaction will have an impact on you whether you like it or not. but not all reactions are flattering, they can also be painful, most of the time. but you see, i am not the type of person who quickly respond or show the effect of such reaction on me, especially when i am hurt and it's more painful with that. since i will be contemplating on it most of the time after the said painful event, it only worsens the feeling. what do you usually do when you're hurt by some one important? how do you forget that pain and just be happy with whatever you should be doing at the moment, such as school work? it is harder to focus...
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@DeepGlow (242)
• Indonesia
5 Jul 08
I think my reaction will vary, depending on the situation. How deep is the pain? Do I still have to be around the person who had hurt me? Can I still discuss the problem with the person? Such as, saying that I don't like his/her remarks/actions. I think communication is the best way. If I just ignore the person and split, maybe the problem will occur again someday. But if I'm too upset/angry/sad because of the problem, I will make distance for a while, cool myself down, do everything interested me (like hobby or something that will relax me). When I'm chill enough, I'll try talking to the person about the problem. And if the problem can't be solved and you have to separate from that person, I think it's best to not try to forget him/her. Because based on my experience, the more I tried to forget, the more I'd remember. Hope you'll settle things down with the person.
@DeepGlow (242)
• Indonesia
5 Jul 08
For a while, yeah. I've tried that, and also weeds and all the stuff. But it doesn't solve any problem. Then, maybe we'll have to go over the same problem all over again. If you want them solved, you gotta face them, not running away to those stuffs. Maybe it sounds naive, but been there, done that, and no more.
• United States
10 Jul 08
express yourself to the persom who has hurt u. if you don't it will est u up inside. noone will be hurt but you & the person that hurts you is probably not worth it to start with.
• Canada
7 Jul 08
if some ones response hurts, it can be very hard, but one should try and talk it over with the person who hurt. if you let it go it will fester and cause more issues in the long run..... it is very hard to focus unless everything is in the open