Here is the way hjow u can increase ur adsense amount,

July 5, 2008 12:47am CST
I read many of the discussions having a comlplaint that our earning in adsense is standstill and not increasing or very slow method of earning.. But this is so coz u r not doing anything. If u carefully look out for adsense u find that each ad has different amount. So this is the way u try to put KEYWORDS in ur blog or site in such a way that u can get highest paying site of around 2-5$ per click on ur ad Now the question will be HOW CAN I FIND SUCH WORDS FOR ME? sO i HAVE made one BLOG where u can the way to increase ur adsense revenue click on the links above ads by google where u can find more information for it If u like the info plz click one or two ads for me. Thank you in advance. MY LINK U CAN FIND ON MY PROFILE PAGE
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• United States
8 Jul 08
I wonder really if these high paying keywords work now. Maybe before. Either they are for very esoteric subjects that nobody is interested or uber popular that thousands of sites use them. There are so many websites that use these so called high paying keywords that you can't really drive traffic to yours using these keywords because you are competing with a lot of websites which have these high paying keywords and are more popular than yours. There is little chance of being found. People are saying now that you can earn the same amount of money with low paying keywords because there is less competition and your site will rank better for that particular word. But the best paying strategy in my experieince, is still to build your website on a subject that you know and are passionate about. You build a good readership, and good sites will link to you ... and slowly your earnings increase. And because your site is constantly being built and updated, bots which crawl your site will find something new and will rank you higher.
• India
5 Jul 08
Pls tell me where in blog we need to add these keywords? One person told me to add it to header but there is no such option in