Having a Psychopath in the family..

July 5, 2008 4:49am CST
Is there any one who has one of their family member as a psychopath? well.. a friend of mine has one. She has one brother who is very disturbing.. Back when she was in Junior high school, her brother likes to get mad at her at sometimes even hit her. I know this because she is my best friend back when we were in elementary school, so I know every detail that happened in the family. at first, every time she told her parents about the abuse that she got from her brother, they always tell not to go near her brother.. (but what if her brother goes near her????) for your info, her mother sometimes also like to hit her, but not as abusive as her brother. One day he even kicked her on the head just because her radio volume is too high, once he also dragged her by pulling her hair just because she couldn't remember his friend's phone number. (when I heard about her story,I couldn't think of putting myself in her position) any way.. after a long period of time, after all the running away from home and stuff like that, things changed.NOW.. her brother starts abusing her parents! her father is 77 years old and her mother is in her sixties.. I don't remember how old. Her brother now is 28 years old! he likes to hit them maybe with anything that he can see. now.. after a long struggle, her parents were saved by their big family,and the brother is out of town. but he still likes to call on my friend to ask about the situation near our family. (also still no change from the brother, still hates his parents). all that I can say, is that when he was young, his parents spoil him too much. therefore, when he grew up..he can't accept the situation that his family is not as wealthy as they used to be. could any one give me a solution so that I can help my friend feel allot better? well.. I just need your prayers for her so that she could have a better life. thank you..
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@yogeshdhusa (2237)
• India
5 Jul 08
Hey i will also pray for her and her parents and her brothers. i know what is the family going through because i know my close friends brother is. and i have seen him doing all the psychy stuff, he was given a treatment but no use. some time i feel he should be send to mental hospital. god help those who suffer from this and people around them as well.
• Indonesia
5 Jul 08
thank you very much for your prayer.. my friend's brother also was given treatment even mental hospital, but still no use. now he's even worst then before.he cursed the family for putting him in the hospital. there was a friend that he new while in the mental hospital who taught him how to make him rule the family. (the friend apologized for what he did and explained it to the family.He was better..) thank you very much for the reply..