Client Solutions

@myshoo (138)
July 5, 2008 5:58am CST
While functiona areas of expertise are important,there is simply no substitute for a localization service parther that knows your industry inside and out.This is why is organized into vertical practice groups.Our production teams within each practice group consist of linguistic and technical experts taht draw upon years of first-hand experience in a full range of industries. We understand that in order to effectively compete and thrive within thier sector,our clients need to be abreast of regulatory and compliance issues.advances in technology,and a rapidly changing competitive landscae.By grasping the issues,a particular industry, our team adds value far beyond translating words.Client objectives and goals become our objectives and goals. Within each engagement,a team of localization professionnals takes direction from a project manager with deep industry expertise.Armed with specific knowledge of the countless factors unique to a given industry.the project manager becomes a seamless extension of our client's team. With our localization services and solutions,we invite you to disscover how our focus on vertical practice groups,our commitment to long-term collaborative relationships,and our scope of globalization and localization translation capabilities can contribute to your success.Select one of the links from the menu on the left to see how we can help your organization meet the challenges and opportunities specific to your industry.
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