stereotypes about post 80s any opinion?

July 5, 2008 6:49am CST
what are the stereotypes about post 80s? self centeered avoiding responsibility high self esteem these seem to be phraises frequently associated with the generation born during the 80s at least in the eyes of the older generations are true or not the post 80s surely is a unique group under scrutiny of the whole society are you someone in the post 80s generation? do you think these stereotypes are ture? what do you thik characterrize your generation? you know each generation inculding lots of people it is hard to teell whether they are god enough or not actually we almost begin to talk about the post 80s anyway how time files take a seat and watch this topic have a nice weekend you what this topic makes me can not help think of an old topic they are in the age of marriage my bet friend will marry his girlfriend she is post 80s by the way have you seen the same final of australian open this evening here is a good player as we have seen the post 80s generation is becoming active and dominant in the modern society as one of te, our new generation from the post 80s he is just 20 years old now i have to say we are wuite ucky in this era but under a heavy burden meanwile as the only child in family most youngers have less concept of putting oneself inothers' shoes people think more for themself nstead others in addition less independent less self discipline are also seen in tyhis generation in the dorms so campus the conflicts hapened between classmates or rooommates is common does everyone see the dorm as a realy home and take the spolied etmper and habits into the dormitory life as well?
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