Need Help Finding Egyptian Design - Egyptian Motif Bedding Comforters Etc.

United States
November 3, 2006 12:55pm CST
If anyone knows where I can find Egyptian print blankets, comforters, sheets and bedroom decor, I would love your help. We are redoing my son's bedroom to an Egyptian theme and I am sick of hunting through all kinds of "Egyptian Cotton" listings. I want something that shows heiroglyphs, scarabs, the eye of horus, or pharoahs, even King Tut. If you can help point me in the right direction that would be awesome! Thanks.
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9 Aug 10
Here is a really cool website that I found. Just do a search on Egyptian there. I hope this helps you. You might also try doing a search for Egyptian+design+bedding Good luck!
• Egypt
10 Feb 07
i am from Egypt , and i can help you to get all of this , please contact me through a special message to tell you
• United States
8 Sep 08
Here's one I found...not the prettiest but very Egyptian...
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1 Dec 08
Likewise. Been searching for the longest time. All I really can find is a few throw blankets on eBay. I want a whole set. Pillow cases, shams, sheet(s) and blanket for a king size bed. Its not easy at all. I wish it were and not all that expensive. I've got repican statues, real papyrus and what not all over my house. If I can find this my house is complete. I'm looking for the same design(s) you are. Please let me know if you guys ever find something? Thank you! Have a great holiday!
19 Jan 08
I have been looking as well for 3 years now, if you have found out can you point me in the right direction