Is the payout really important for you on mylot?

@coolnash (110)
July 5, 2008 11:03am CST
do u log in to mylot for fun,to share something or are u after the money?
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@KrauseHome (35503)
• United States
6 Jul 08
Well, for me, the main reason I come here everyday, is to meet New people, make New friends, and to learn new things and talk about things I may not be able to talk about elsewhere. I have learned a lot of interesting things over time being a member here, and have met a lot of wonderful people. Sure, the extra money is nice, but if you are here for just the money, you will be disappointed, and give up. I am Glad there is more here for us than just this.
@RastamanG (385)
6 Jul 08
Ofcouse i come her for the money but also it is fun because there is my topics in my intrests, if the site was boring im sure i would have gone by now.
@setroc (853)
• Philippines
5 Jul 08
im after the money, so yeah payout is important, and im trying to reach it as quick as possible
@Sagar_ (80)
• Pakistan
5 Jul 08
Yeah i think its important because many people are joining my lot only to earn money but it is also an interesting site in which you discuss about different topics and have fun and by this way your knowledge about different things will increase.
@emma412 (1156)
• United States
5 Jul 08
No, I don't do it for the money, it's really not that much! I log in when I am bored and have some time to kill. I figure it is better to post here and make a little spare change in the process. I have other sites that don't pay that I can post on but the money make this one an incentive for me.
• Ecuador
5 Jul 08
I am not going to lie, I came here to make money. but what I found was a great and helpful community that really cared about other's feelings. I will stay here for a while now knowing how great of a site it is. I hope to share my advice as much as I can, and hope that everyone continues to help everyone else out.
• India
5 Jul 08
Well buddy let me tell you that it is really very very very important because we are here and spending our valuable time here and answering some peoples questions and making new friends and on the top of all this, we are supposed to get paid that is why we are here(secondary purpose) it is because we are promised to be paid so we should be. We are struggling hard to make people get attracted to our posts and discussions and we are typing so badly that my fingures sre aching too much these days after joining this mylot, so i think that it is really important that we get paid. Happy Mylotting.