Harold And Kumar 1 or 2?

July 5, 2008 9:38pm CST
Which is best? I have to say the 2nd one is the funniest and best of the two movies. anyone agree?
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• Canada
6 Jul 08
I actually much prefer the first movie over the second. The second one still had its funny moments, but I felt this movie relied too much on the racial jokes. The first movie had it's fair share of racial jokes, but I thought they were more subtle and less in-your-face. I also enjoyed the storyline of the first one a lot more - there seemed to be a definite plot. Whereas the second one felt a little less structured. I absolutely loved the first movie and busted a gut watching it in the theaters. I watched the second one in the theaters too but the laughs were more forced.
6 Jul 08
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