what is your utimate first date? any opinion?

@qwe123 (253)
July 6, 2008 12:35am CST
what is your ultimate first date? first daes can be both thrilling and embarrassing and it seems we will always need advice on how to impress theother so why do not we start by telling each other what is our ultimate first date? what is an ideal first like to you? actually i can not remember when was my first date actually i can not remember when wsmy frist date and i do not even know if that was a date in the foreign country when a boy asks a girl out this means they are having a fdate when they go out in the next day if the girl has accepted the invitation during to plan smething ahead of time just let it happen then they will pair off however it is different inchina althought i go out with a boy just like doing some survey about what the girl likes or dislikes what kind of girl she is extrovert or introvert? this is important f the girl is o extrovert that you do not like her hen there is no need to go out as the first date on teh other hand if both of you are extrovet then control the degree of openness of yourself although the girl is also extrovert if not the irl will htink you are not deep as a matter of afct like deep guys this is a kind of living rule but whether it is a date it depends on if the boy acts well and behacour evry decent or if i ewould go out with him again thus the first date is akind of crucial step for a sweet relationship
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