When in doubt...follow your instinct...

@pinks17 (2192)
July 6, 2008 1:30am CST
Girls are good at this..does "womans intuition" sounds familiar?If not will I know that most of the time women are right...no offense guys...but this true.Because we this unique "girls intuition"..once we feel that there's something wrong and we are in doubt...we follow our unique quality which is to know what the problem and we can actually sense it.Here are some good and bad examples. 1.My ex-husband just got home from singapore and he decided that we would shop at duty free together with my daughter who was just about 4years old then.So we went on shopping and I told him to buy tequila and some chocolates.Since we have tequila we need to have a lemon and there's no lemon at duty free so we went to a mall and bought lemons at the grocery.We don't have a car yet that time so since the mall is far from our house we decided to get a cab.We went to the taxi lane and when I saw the taxi I told my husband not to ride on that taxi bec. I believe the air conditioning is not good and my daughter will not like it bec.she wants the aircon to be the real cold.I told him that we need to get the next cab...so we argued and had a fight only bec. I don't want to ride that cab.So to make the long story short..I know from the cabs appearance that the air conditioning is poor and I was right again.My daughter usually sits at the middle so that she could feel the air of the aircon.I just don't know why I have to ask my ex-husband to sit at the middle and have my daughter sit to his left.Little did I know...we are going to experience an accident.It was raining that day and the bus behind us hit our cab.We all got shocked.It was a strong hit by a bus.I was glad that I asked my ex-husband to sit at the middle because if not bec. of the strong or hard hit by the bus my daughter could have been dead by now if I did not asked my ex-husband to trade places with my daughter.When we went out of the cab..surprisingly the cab looks like half..it was smashed,broken shields and half part of it is like a crumpled paper.Thank god that my daughter was not that hurt.We just have to go to the nearest hospital and have some brace put on to our neck.my daughter is already 12 years old and she can still remember the freak accident we had and to tell you honestly I hated the brand of the cab.It was a KIA pride cab and it took me about 2 years before I decided to ride that type of car again.It was traumatic for me and my daughter. 2.There's this feeling that push me to check on my ex-husbands wallet.So one day I don't know why I tried to sneak out and check my ex-husbands wallet and cellphone..we agreed even before when we were just boyfriends that our wallet and our cellphone is private and its sacred that we are not allowed to check the cellphone and the wallet...I just don't know what came in to my mind that I decided to check on his wallet...well people to my surprise..I saw pictures of his girl(which by the way his new wife now) and him together and the picture was taken in a studio.When I checked the cellphone...I went to read the inbox..there's no particular message that could tell that it was from the new girl..so I checked the picture messages...yipee...I saw the picture message sent by his wife now and I was able to know the name and the number of the girl.. 3.I am supposed to meet someone in this particular mall...normally if I have to meet someone..I prepare early and will be at the meeting place 15 minutes before the call time...So I am just wondering that day I am already up and about to take a shower when I decided to play online first...knowing that I have to meet someone.I have this feeling that the person I will be meeting that day will be late...and my guess was right..he got stucked from a traffic.So I just continued playing online since the mall is just nearby.lol Those are some of the few examples that will prove that if a woman feels something...99% she is correct.We might not always be right but we know that somewhere along the way something is going to be wrong and we just have to find out what it is.But most of the time we are always right about our doubts.So when in doubt...follow your instinct..don't go or just don't do it.Because most likely the decision that you will pick if you are in doubt of the situation...will be right. ;p Trust me..
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
6 Jul 08
I look at intuition as an inner voice, I also look at the inner voice as our guiding light, this I feel is an area we the human race has never delved into, I think it is a spiritual thing and I believe men and women have it but women are more open to listening to that inner voice...