hypothyroid in midddle aged dogs

July 6, 2008 5:58am CST
My 8 year old dog has just been diagnosed with hypothyroid. She is currently 22 kilos and is on 500 mcg of thyroid medicine a day. I know the condition is treatable with medication and that she will most likely need to take it for life. Even so I a worry. It came on suddenly. She started loosing hair on her back, but I didn't notice because she had her summer puppy shave. She gained weight shortly after she had a problem with her glands in her neck. I called the emergency after hours number and did what they said. We assumed it was a bite and treated it as such. It wasn't a bug bite and didn't respond, so I took her in the next day. The vet lanced it and put her on antibiotics. It was full of puss-y blood. YUCK! I was the assistant for the lancing. It was really gross. I worry that she won't loose weight as she should. She was 15 kilos before she got sick. She should have been about 13, but she is part Cocker and they have a tendency to get fat. I have been trying to watch her food intake like a good hu-mom. She get lots of carrots as snacks now. They don't have many calories and they fill her up. Anyone else have to deal with this. I could use all the help and encouragement I can get.
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