Ebay and paypal should seprate.

@alpha7 (1910)
July 6, 2008 6:24am CST
Hi, These gays in the ebay and paypal are always passing faults from one to the other.None of them want to accept responsibility for a wrong doing,i think it is high time for them to seprate if things are not working out well between them. You can imagine someone buying an object from the ebay website and paying with paypal account and experiencing problems later,instead of this gays paying you insurance for the thing that was lost,they now send you to paypal and immediately removed the traces of the object from their website,i mean this is very bad and i think something must be done quickly before it's late.If they don't have enough people to work for them, they should employ more.
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• United States
9 Jul 08
The only payment I use for buying/selling on ebay is paypal and I have had no problems with them being owned by the same company.
• Ireland
6 Jul 08
Actually I really agree with what youre saying It really annoys me that Paypal is run by Ebay, main reason is that they are now enforcing all sellers to only accept paypal as a payment option, making them more money! I can see that this is helpful towards stopping scammers and stuff, but REALLY? Its obvious its just another money making scheme. If ebay and Paypal werent tied together, then yes, I would totally accept the changes. Back on topic, yes they do blame each other if there is a problem. For example, if you have a problem with an item you bought from Ebay, they tell you to make a claim with paypal. Paypal will look at the problem through ebay, they argue over who will deal with it. I dunno I think they should break