How is MySearchFunds as an online earning site?Is it really good?

July 6, 2008 6:31am CST
How is this site?I had registered yesterday and made 11 searches but have not earned any revenue as yet.
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• India
6 Jul 08
i think its a good doesnot update its earnings right will be update it tomorrow or it can also take two to three days sometimes as it has done with me one or two times.i have earned a good amount there just reaching the payout in few days.i want you to please go to my profile and go to my website for more earning opportunities.they are also very good
@marina321 (4561)
6 Jul 08
The earnings get added a day later so check tomorrow and you should see some cents:) I joined last month and seems to be working well for me. Apart from the temporary glitches in switching to homepagesfriends, all's been ok. I think with this site, there's nothing at all to lose as you'd still be making searches with Yahoo! search or some other search engine anyways so it's good that you've signed up. As Yahoo! have put their name to it, I am sure they will pay and be around for sometime. If anyone else wants to join, the link is on my profile page LOL:)
@paid2write (5202)
6 Jul 08
Your earnings at MySearchFunds, now known as My Homepages Friends, will usually be updated next day, but sometimes it takes a longer to see what you have earned for your searches. It does take time to reach the minimum payout but many people who joined at the beginning of the year have now been paid. I joined in January and I have received payment of more than £35 ($70). The site has grown very fast and it is still developing. There will be some new features added and some of these may also be ways of earning extra money. I have referral income from the site as well. I earn a little extra from my friends searches and from their friends searches. If you use it to search as you normally do and only make genuine searches you will see your earning adding up slowly. Don't try to cheat the system or you will be found out and will not make any money.
@Ldyjarhead (10157)
• United States
6 Jul 08
I've reached payout but haven't received it yet. If they pay like they say they will, I should receive it next month. They don't update earnings right away, so you may not see your earnings until tomorrow. Sometimes it has even gone two days or so before they update.