sterotpyes any opinion?

@qwe123 (253)
July 6, 2008 9:08am CST
we all hae stereotypes or assumptions about certain people sertain countries or certain genders like americans are friendsly but also arrogat like london is afoggy city what steretpyes do you have? and what stereotpyes have you foudn to be untrue? we believve in something in life for isntance so we usually talk abot what is the ,most precious thing in the wrold and then love become a very holy sign yes it should be while what on earth is the truth? just ask yoursef what is your opinion deep in your mind? or have another lie yourself? besides sometimes people from some area may take as smart friendly brave or something on the contrary i have been met some of them actualy they are so mean rude and disgusting such as some korean and other guys in fact sometimes smething is not the truth no matter how beautiful stories you ahve heard in your mind that is al i
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