I love sony ericsson cell phones

@kidjuwee (612)
July 6, 2008 2:15pm CST
I had been a nokia user before and I tried some other brands like Samsung, Seimens, and Handspring Treo until I tried using a Sony ericsson phone. I never switched back to using Nokia and other brands. I love my sony ericsson mainly coz they are so durable, I think their plastic casings are made thicker and more durable than other brands. Their battery life is so good, most of their phones on the market has like 8 to 9 hours of talktime compared to Nokia and Samsung phones which has only like 2 to 3 hours talk time. SE phones have become popular too and their models have become stylish with more colors to choose from. My favorite phone model is the old trusted K750i, I bought 2 already. and the P990i. What I like most about the k750i is it's super strong flash light and the nice easy to use cam. I got no problem about storing sms becoz SE phones can be used with my phone explorer and you can easily transfer the sms there so you don't need to delete it. With P990i, at first it really needs getting to be used to it. because it does a lot of things and can be very complicated but once you know how every thing functions, it's a really good phone. I got no problems with hanging or whatsoever. I just love SE. I will buy more in the future.
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• India
1 Aug 08
Hi friends earlier i used Samsung mobile and i thought that Samsung mobile have nice display and finishing.But now iam usig K550i cybershot,the clarity that the camera it has is really awesome compard to other 2mp camera phones like N70 etc.The dipslay is incredible in sony ericsson phones for 3d gaming it will be nice compared to other.But i phone is going to release in india shortly will it make differnce in other mobiles? have to be seen !!!!!!!!
@kidjuwee (612)
• Philippines
2 Aug 08
I Phone is already released in my country and i think it is not a very easy to use phone because there is no keypad. I prefer my sony ericsson because I can just easily text while driving compared to phones that have a pda feature which uses a digital keypad.
@thinkbest (210)
• Indonesia
7 Jul 08
You're absolutely right. I used to use Nokia, BenQ, Siemens, and some more, but I prefer Sony Ericsson becuase of its durability and most of the features are better than others at the same level or the similar price.
@kidjuwee (612)
• Philippines
7 Jul 08
yes, and both of my sony ericsson phones uses the same memory stick and supports the 4 gb memory stick. It is really cool to have a 4gb cellphone where you can use the space for music and pictures. That's one of the reason why I did not change into a much newer sony ericsson phone because the newer phones uses a micro memory stick which is more expensive and is I think only commonly available in 2gb size.
@fantabulus (4005)
• India
22 Aug 12
I love Nokia phone sony company's phone is costly. But different people different choice no matter what I like and you like.
@krkchn (160)
• Philippines
5 Sep 08
I have a w810i and i've been loving it. Most people here loves nokia phones because they say it is user-friendly, but i found my ericsson better in user-friendliness. I became comfortable using it in just 2 days. And most feautures of the phone are the ones i wished existed when i was using a nokia. And i don't like motorola. I've tried a low-end motorola and i used it for a month and still had trouble using it. Ericsson in my perception is durable, trendy, classy, user-friendly, etc...
• Malaysia
3 Sep 08
I also like to use sony ericsson cellphones. Currently iam using K750i also. I am planning to buy K800i.
@humra7 (178)
• United States
6 Jul 08
My favorite type of mobile phone is also Sony Ericsson. I have K800i for 8 months now and it is better of any Nokia, Samsung or any other. It have good camera, battery life and it is simple but it have good memory (64 Mb without memory card). That is why he is my favorite.