What will happen if your boyfriend is younger than you?

@yenwie84 (1345)
July 6, 2008 6:38pm CST
3 years back, I had a boyfriend younger than me 1 year old. 1 year old actually was nothing big difference between us but maybe because of his immaturity that caused us had communication problem. I am the planning type,meaning everything I need to plan well before move forward. However,he is not the same as me. He does not like to plan for rainy days. Was it because of the age that caused us all these problems? After that, I could not tolerate with him anymore then we just broke up.Now I am having a boyfriend older than me 2 years old,and I find him lots better than the previous younger ex.
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@lilaclady (28245)
• Australia
6 Jul 08
I don't think year age has anything to do with two people having a successfull relationship, I used to go with a man 12years younger than me and he seemed to be so old to me, I don't think i have matured one second and I find men my own age way too old so i think it is all a state of mind on both sides.
@yenwie84 (1345)
• Malaysia
6 Jul 08
Maybe it all depends on the guy's maturity. Someone younger can be so mature sometimes. Thanks for sharing.
@cncoke (439)
• China
7 Jul 08
Age is not the important problem but the character.Having a younger or older boyfriend is just OK.The key is that you and your boyfriend are very privity and cooperatefull.
@subha12 (18454)
• India
7 Jul 08
I think there is no problem if other things are cosy. it is said that women are generally more matured than their men counterpart. may be your BF was more immature than he ought to be.But it is ok.
@rosedust82 (2075)
• Philippines
7 Jul 08
I've always preferred older guys. I guess this is because of the emotional maturity that I look for in guys. I once had a boyfriend who was three years younger than me and although we hit it off well, there were a lot of things that made us different. He enjoys playing Wii or online games. He loves going out with friends and I on the other hand didn't. I mean I do those things but he did it in excess. Unlike with older guys, their way of thinking is different. More on my level.