What can you get with $500?

July 6, 2008 9:25pm CST
I'm trying to build a low-cost PC with enough horse power to run processor-intensive applications like video and sound editors and photoshop. I browsed through several websites but few or none of the parts I like are available locally. Any suggestions?
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@leeloo (1494)
• Portugal
7 Jul 08
Have you tried outlet stores in the area you live if you have any, I bought a few components at an outlet store for half the price that they would have cost elsewhere. To buy online and at auctions is always tricky, but if both people are honest and the site has a good reputation then it is possible to get great bargains, I must say I have only done so once and it worked out fine, though this was some time ago. Since the person I bought if from was in the same city I was we met in person, most complaints I have from my friends generally has to do with shipping and when from abroad, customs. What a friend of mine did was go to a electronics store when they sell the older models off cheap to get rid of the stock and bought a computer with a good motherboard and processor and then upgraded it, he made a truly powerful computer for little over what a normal computer would cost. His problem though is that he never stops and between him and his friends they are always exchanging components so I can't tell you how much he used. Good luck, I hope you can get it right
• Philippines
7 Jul 08
Thanks leelo, I guess I'll drop the option of buying online after all. Customs in my country can be troublesome.