Don't you think footballers are getting too much money?

@coolnash (110)
July 7, 2008 1:59am CST
they only play a simple game...what do they do more than all human beings on this planet...why do they get so much money?do u agree with my opinion,the world is full of crazy
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@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
7 Jul 08
The guys get alot of money, but I think they deserve it because, they entertain the whole world-think about players like Kaka, Fabrigas, Michael Essien, Raul, Ronaldo, Robino, all these are players tha make football really great sport!
• India
7 Jul 08
First of all football is not just a 'simple game'... its a really Beautiful Game. And if footballers are paid so much thats because people love watching this game and they deserve every bit of it. Not only footballers other famous sports personalities like Tennis Players, Cricketers etc. earn a lot. If we go by your logic then this applies to Celebrities too and the corporates, then according to you everyone on this planet should be paid same amount of salary no matter what a person does LOL......... Don't get jealous of other's success LOL!!!!!
@zhaosonghan (1039)
• China
7 Jul 08
The most sporter have a so large salary,every year many company support the club,by competetition they can earn more money.Footballer have much money is normal,they play football form kid age,and less of people can become a footballer,then are guru in the football,i think this is reason why they have much money.